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Trusting others

To accomplish your goals you’ll need to collaborate with others, be they inside your business or externally. Many SME owners have difficulty in trusting others to get on with critical tasks and report back to them appropriately.

If you cannot delegate to others you will always end up doing everything yourself, from making appointments to business development to doing the work to sending out invoices to chasing money. You ‘ll certainly be busy but will you be reaching your maximum potential.

Sometimes trusting others means withing a collaborative working arrangement, maybe subcontracting certain jobs or a joint venture. These are not without their challenges but can be great ways to grow your business. Just be wary of blind trust and make sure as much as possible is in writing before the event, although there can be scenarios where you may have to establish the trust verbally or on an ad hoc basis prior to confirming it writing, especially no smaller jobs.

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