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Mind The Gap!

As you will see if you look closely it's been a while since the last blog. Of course we have an excuse, or rather excuses in the plural.

It's been summer holidays then Yom Tov then we had to catch up from Yom Tov then we had stuff going on at home.

Sounds familiar?

In business, gaps like this are every dangerous, because it creates space for competitors to step in and connect with your customers, who might rightly be wondering where you are. It's a dog eat dog market out there and there is no room for slack.

So what to do about it, after all you need to go away and you can't cancel Yom Tov?

  • Firstly, let your customers know when you are closed or offering a reduced response time - they'll understand.

  • Secondly, plan ahead - write your newsletters or blogs in advance so straight after the break they are ready to go.

It's not easy for everybody, so if you need help with planning or organising your business - why not connect with one of our mentors.

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